A blog is born

Welcome to my blog. Let me give a quick introduction. I’m not planning on writing much today, so don’t get too excited.

If you’re interested in making your own blog and you like the look of this one, I forked jekyll-now to get up and running with Github Pages. It was super easy to setup, so thanks to everyone who’s worked on that.

Also, I felt like it would be nice to have some sort of tagging mechanism to make it easier to group posts into different categories. After some quick googling, I found [this site](https://codinfox.github.io/dev/2015/03/06/use-tags-and-categories-in-your-jekyll-based-github-pages/) that I ended up using as a reference.

I remove tagging, seemed kinda bloaty, especially for how often I post.

I may add some more styling to the blog as it goes on, and I haven’t decided about comments yet.

For now, expect to see some posts coming soon about Go, Python, and the Domain Name System (DNS). I’m also planning on posting about open source project ideas that I think of or hear about.

Stay tuned!

Created July 16, 2020